Automate Your Company’s Expenses Via Roger

Productivity plummets when the employees are required to spend hours manually completing their own expense reports. Roger is a web application that expedites the process with automated tools that streamline both the expense reporting and approvals workflows.

Roger An Introduction

Roger automated your business bill pay and accounts payable. Simply take a picture of a bill when it arrives, use the web app to upload from your laptop, or forward electronic invoices from your inbox. Roger handles the rest. Set up simple and complex approval flows to stay compliant. Check, card payments and ACH supported. Integrates with your accounting system for instant reconciliation. The simplest way to pay your business bills and completely automate Accounts Payable.

Pay any bill with Roger

No more paper checks. Pay your bills with your preferred payment method, and Roger makes sure the biller receives it.

Automate your business with no changes required

Roger syncs with your accounting tool, for seamless payment reconciliation. Simply upload the bills with your phone, email or your RogerAddress, and handle bill pay in seconds with no change to your current setup.

Save 80% time on AP

Rogers save hours if not full days every month by letting Roger handle bill payments, reconciliation, and approvals. Setup approvals flow for your organization and also make sure that you can keep track of all the invoices and stay compliant.

Spend less on accounting

No more data entry, no more manual approvals, with more writing checks. Save the precious accounting hours for something better.


To Sum Up

Overall, Roger provides the great features to be used as a company expenses too. It is yet simple, a powerful expense tracking tool that keeps things simple for the users without restraining administrators.