Startup in Review: RocketBody | The First ECG Sports App

Gone are the days when we used to have a diet chart to follow for our daily schedule and need to ask a trainer in the gym for the diet and proper forms while workout. Everything is changing and so our behavior and lifestyle, this is where RocketBody came into the picture.

What is RocketBody?

RocketBody is a unique Artificial Intelligence powered fitness trainer and nutritionist app that helps you to train smarter and achieve up to 120% better results.

The following are some of the most prominent features of RocketBody that make it a highly useful app for our daily routine diet and workout:


RocketBody has patented algorithms that utilize the EKG monitoring from the tracker to calculate your body specific metabolic rate and analyze its changer over time to time.


All you need to do is to set your personal goals, no matter whether it is burning fat, just staying in shape or building a muscle. The Artificial Intelligence powered personal trainer will help you to reach goals by training at the time of super compensation the time when workouts are most useful for your body.

In the app itself, you will also find the workouts for both in and outside the gym, which is all designed to help you reach your goals quickly, and with the plenty of variety to keep you from getting bored in the entire process.


You will get a daily nutrition plan which is designed to be accurate and balanced for your health. Just simply your input foods and the app will calculate the macros and calories. With the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, the RocketBody app will build up with a unique nutrition plan which is especially customized to best fit you.


Your personal Artificial Intelligence powered trainer will provide with daily support and recommendations for your nutrition and training, which is all designed to be relevant to your unique goals. These tips will help you to stay in control of your progress and training.

Sleep and Stress

This is the feature which is soon going to come on the app. With the RocketBody app, you will be able to track your sleep patterns as well as stress levels and see how both can help you to influence your health. With the recommendations of your Artificial Intelligence personal trainer, that will you in significantly improve in both your categories and see the most positive results.

Bottom Line

Overall, the RocketBody offers enough feature to be added to the daily app list. It is a highly recommended app for those who are more health conscious.