Robotaxi Services To Hit The Streets of Europe In 2020

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AutoX, the Hong Kong and San Jose based autonomous vehicle startup, has made an official statement that they have made plans to start robotaxi service in Europe by 2020. The startup that was focused on delivering groceries using autonomous vehicles has now expanded its horizons by entering into the taxi service.

AutoX has partnered with NEVS,  the Swedish based electric vehicle manufacturer and will integrate their autonomous driving technology into an electric vehicle inspired by NEVS’s “InMotion” concept.  

The company had recently raised $58 million to make its vision come true. AutoX has named its robotaxi service as xTaxi and is only the second company to receive permission from California regulators to start the robotaxi service.

AutoX founder and CEO Jianxiong Xiao, commonly referred to as Professor X stated that AutoX had enabled companies like NEVS to become autonomous by creating an AI driver that is tailored to the specific geolocation the company operates. He also quoted, “ We are proud to start deploying our technology together with a global OEM that really takes the mobility revolution seriously.”  

Robotaxi Services

NEVS had been working on its own concept of autonomous vehicles and its “InMotion” concept that was revealed at CES Asia in 2017 turned a lot of heads. Stefan Tilk, CEO of NEVS also seems positive about this collaboration and has stated that they were thoroughly impressed with the performance and maturity of AutoX during their first meeting. He further added that they believe that they have found an ideal partner in AutoX to approach the market. 

Both companies have jointly stated that the main objective of this partnership is to reduce the number of vehicles and to play their part in creating a pollution-free world.

The testing for the autonomous vehicle will commence in the third quarter and the robotaxi service is expected to arrive at the European market by 2020. The two companies also have big plans to take this beyond Europe and are eyeing on a global level.


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