Roblox Wins The Race Surpassing Minecraft To Hit 100m Monthly Users

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Roblox Corporation, the renowned online multiplayer video game maker, had come into the limelight when it announced that it had reached a new milestone by achieving 100 million active monthly users. The game in line with Habbo Hotel and Second Life had been growing under the shadow of Microsoft’s Minecraft since its launch.

Roblox had a slow start, trailing close behind Minecraft for almost a decade but finally has managed to surpass in terms of customer base and popularity.

Launched in 2015, the game is compatible with PC, Xbox, and mobile. The company enjoys a huge customer base comprising of a young group of audience. Roblox lets the user create his own world, and other users can access it through the company’s official website.

Roblox Corporation has stated that over 50 million user-experiences are created every month, and nearly 50 percent of the users update their avatar every month.

David Baszucki, Founder and CEO of Roblox Corporation, stated that the game was introduced with a vision to bring people closer through gaming.

Roblox started with just a handful of creators and 100 users, had been growing slow but steadily. Now, the game enjoys a huge customer base that spreads across 200 countries comprising of 40% female users. 

Roblox Corporation had invested over $110 million in the game in the last two years. The company has officially announced that it will be hosting hundreds of attendees at its fifth Roblox Developer Conference.

On reaching the milestone, the company expressed its gratitude by releasing an exclusive, limited-edition accessory for its players that can be redeemed for free.

Microsoft made an announcement in March that its flagship game Minecraft had reached 91 million monthly active players. Minecraft has been the global leader in the space for almost a decade. With Minecraft Earth, the Pokemon Go-style spin-off geared up for its launch, it won't be long before Minecraft reaches the milestone.


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