Startup in Review Roadmunk | A Product Roadmap Software for Better strartegy

The business environment is rapidly changing and becoming extremely competitive. Organizations can no longer afford to take a lot of time to develop and introduce their products to the market. Also in line with the various business processes, which too are getting more complex with time, the products are also evolving and getting more advanced. This has created a need for the businesses to have a better operational model to support the product development, precisely because in its absence, it will be challenging for the businesses to manage all the different aspects of creating a new product. And in such scenario, Roadmunk came into the picture..

Roadmunk An Introduction

Roadmunk is a roadmap application for the product management and marketing teams that help them to manage their product launch campaigns and provides with an array of advanced, flexible and easy to use features. The system is collaborative, boardroom and intuitive ready, but its most significant quality is scalability, as the business of different sizes gets to use it in a brand-specific fashion.

Let us look at some of the features of Roadmunk:

Easily build road maps

Building the collaborative and attractive road maps is as easy as importing CSV data file from the Jira or Excel and if you even prefer to create your road maps from the dozens of pre-built templates. All your product portfolio can be visualized, shared and data integrated with Jira. It also lets you print your roadmaps, share them as links or even exports them in the form of PNG or PowerPoint.

Customization options

You have plenty of customization options with some of the advanced filters. This lets you design your plans just the way you want and too with the lots of ease and flexibility.

Presenting your product to your clients is much more crucial. Roadmunk allows you to see the multiple views of the same data. You can even present the same data to different teams in complete different ways. These templates are designed to help the end users, extract the most relevant information more efficiently.

Share and collaborate

When you share your plans with all your team members or clients, you can also comment and chat. You can even mention a particular team member as well. It is more like social media posts so that it is a lot of fun working with the software too.

Collaborating is also quite smooth. You can set the permissions that you want to give your team members, according to your preferred settings to make sure that your documents and files are well secured.


To Sum Up

Roadmunk provides roadmap across multiple products, portfolios and teams. Roadmunk can also build and manage individual roadmaps, then merge them together into a Master.