BONAC Corp To Use RNA Technology To Develop Anti-COVID-19 Drug

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Japan-based biotechnology startup, BONAC Corp., has recently announced that it has partnered with Japan's Fukuoka prefectural government in an effort to manufacture a medicine that can treat coronavirus positive patients by using BONAC's RNA technology.

In early 2010, Oki Tadaaki founded BONAC Corp. as a specialized platform in the development and research of nucleic acid medicines. Its services majorly include nucleic acid drug development and drug substance manufacturing. Tokyo-based chemical manufacturer and retailer, Sumitomo Chemical, and Japan-based venture capital firm, Nippon Venture Capital, are BONAC Corp's prominent investors. To date, the startup has raised ¥5.6 billion in funding. 

On this occasion, the Japan-based startup said that there are only 2 companies in the world who have the same vision as us to develop nucleic acid medicine to treat the severe acute respiratory disease caused due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

BONAC Corp To Use RNA Technology To Develop Anti-COVID-19 Drug

In 3rd week of May, in an agreement between BONAC Corp. and the Fukuoka prefectural government (local authorities), both the partners mentioned that they are mainly aiming at developing a drug that can be inhaled. They targeted inhaled drugs so that the inhaled drug can work directly on the patient's lungs; therefore, it will have only a few side effects.

The Fukuoka Institute of Health and Environmental Sciences will examine the effectiveness of a prospective drug. The institute is run by the prefectural government's biosafety level 3 facility in an effort to start a clinical trial on patients aiming to begin in April 2022.

BONAC Corp. spokesperson says that by using BONAC's RNA interference technology, the startup would make every possible effort to develop a drug that could deteriorate the RNA genomic of the COVID-19 and bring into play the anti-viral effects in COVID-19 infected patients.

DeoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA) and RiboNucleic Acid (RNA), which are combinedly called nucleic acids, and it could be found in all the living organism cells. The DNA and RNA only tasks are to transmit and store genetic information.

In a statement, BONAC Corp. CEO Hirotake Hayashi said, the Vitro screenings' first results clearly indicate that BONAC's proprietary platform nucleic acid medicine technology is explicitly applicable to coronavirus.


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