Startup in Review: Rippling | Manage Your HR & IT In One Place

Rippling is the first Human Resource and Information technology platform. Moreover, it is easy to use the platform, with the help of which organizations can efficiently manage their employee's payroll, benefits, HR, IT, and even the health Insurance from their computers to their tools and software.

Nowadays hiring someone, lets say for example, with the help of Rippling you can: Invite your new hire to e-sign their agreements, add them to the payroll and benefits, simply configure and order their computer, and create their user account in more than 300 apps which includes the Slack, Salesforce, MS Office, and Dropbox. And all that in just a few clicks.

Rippling has its headquarter based in San Francisco and backed by some of the top investors which include the Y Combinator, DFJ, Quora, Khan Academy, Twitch and AngelList.

Rippling is designed to not only to help the managers in the deal with those life events – like to just simply raise or sending an offer letter, but also quickly integrate some of the new services. The hope is that instead of having to add some of the new services. The hope is that apart from having to add the new services that employees will usefully manually, there will be a process in place which will make it much easier to essentially on board those new services into its suite with a series of categorizations. The company goal is to scale up everything.

“It’s really if you scale things up manually, one of the things, the mistakes we made or I made, is, if you scale things up manually you can come back and automate them later,” Conrad said. “The difficulty of automating a manual process, I’m convinced it grows not just with the employees doing that manual process but as the square of that difficulty. It’s very hard to write down the spec to automate it completely. You have to start automating things when it’s done at a small scale or you’re screwed.”

With the help of Rippling, Managers can select the role, what the compensation is, department, how many shares and so on.