Now Optimize Your Facebook Ad Management‎ Via Revealbot

In this booming online advertising era, ads are everywhere on the Internet. Every form of business is trying to get more leverage through ads and that’s quite impressive. Social Media platforms like Facebook also provides opportunities to business owners to place ads on their platform and get more sales and customers.

There are many people who are running Facebook Ads for their business and are actually getting more sales and exposure as well. So, why not it’s you who make use of this golden opportunity to place your ads on the Facebook platform.

Before getting started with this Facebook Ads you need to do some research and spy on your competitors Facebook Ads in order to get better campaign insights. And then you should start showcasing your own ads right on the Facebook platform.

In order to build a better Facebook Ads campaign, we need to optimize our ads well. In this case, we need an advanced Facebook Ads automation tool that helps in optimizing and tailoring our ads well and this is where RevealBot came into the picture.

Revealbot An Introduction

Revealbot is a reliable, AI-supported and powered by the Facebook and Instagram Ad automation, management and optimized tool for the brands and agencies that rely on Facebook for advertising. It is an innovative tool that enables marketers to automate the Facebook Ads, notifies them when they waste funds on ineffective advertising campaigns and delivers insights on to how to mend the campaigns. The solution applies machine learning to its core, which even makes it easy to analyze historical data and project CPA and conversions.

Revealbot comes with the three powerful modules which include the auto-boosting, automation, and bulk creation. The automation module allows marketers to create custom rules for ads automation and alerts. Moreover, the auto boosting module enables marketers to promote the content and keep control of their audiences and objectives.

Let us look at some of the features of Revealbot:

Simplified the process of Ads management

Revealbot allows you to create custom automated rules for the Ad sets, Facebook Ads, and Ad campaigns. The rules streamline most of the marketing team’s routine with simple actions such as set/increase/decrease, start, pause, and even bid. Also, Revealbot comes with a powerful log interface that allows you to optimize the rules and analyze results. Besides, the application even provides with a continuum of metrics such as custom conversions, ROAS, and time metrics. These metrics can be compared and uses to improve the performance of your Ad campaigns.

Increasing your following with ease

In addition, Revealbot is built with a reliable auto-boosting module. This module provides powerful tools that help you promote your content to maximize the reach of the post. Revealbot allows you to stipulate the conditions once and give the solution room to promote the posts for you. It takes the hassle out of the marketing process and enables your posts to get the best possible attention.

Improved marketing performance

Moreover, Revealbot keeps your marketing department in the loop of performance. It even delivers a complete analytical overview of your inbox from Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, MailChimp, and YouTube. Even the reports from Facebook and Google Analytics can be customized to focus on the essential metrics.


To Sum Up

As of now, you have got all the detailed insights about this advanced Facebook Ads Automation Tool. It’s your turn to make a move and get started with this platform.

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