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Businesses need money to survive. To make money, businesses need customers. Ideally, these customers are happy, tell their friends about you and keep coming back.

While your business might survive with angry, single-purchase customers, only businesses with a focus on customer satisfaction will thrive. Customer satisfaction is the difference between surviving and thriving, and to measure customer satisfaction this is where Retently came into the picture.

Retently An Introduction

Retently is a survey tool which is created for the businesses of all sizes from different industries. It is trusted by reputable companies such as the Wantas, Mailtrack, Pepsico, and GlaxoSmithKline; this tool has sent millions of survey across the globe since it came into inception. It is also known for having an average response rate of 37% so that you can be so much confident about the quality of the NPS survey that passes through their system.

The tool is equipped with the different robust features to help you in audience segmentation, survey creation, custom, and multi-channel survey collection. With these numerous capabilities at your disposal retaining, customers won't be a much problem. You will be able to analyze feedback from your clients to improve services as well as determine any problems in your current system with ease.

Simpler Survey Creation

The effectiveness of a survey relies greatly on what questions you ask your customers and clients. With the Retently, you get access to several pre-built survey templates with the targeted questions that will also help you to get the answers which you are looking for. These templates are highly customization so that you can tweak its look or the content according to the branding of your company.

Optimized NPS Automation

You already spend a lot of time trying to find different ways to improve customer service so why should you exert extra hours into conducting your NPS surveys? With the Retently, you can simply automate your campaigns by simply setting up your survey and programming when the program should send the survey to your target audience. You can even create scenarios or some of the set of a specific event as triggers in order to further optimize your automation campaigns.

Highly Personalized User Experience

The platform can collaborate with an extensive selection of native applications and third-party systems such as the Hubspot, Zapier, Shopify, and Salesforce. With this, you can configure your program according to your existing processes or the changing needs of your business.

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To Sum Up

Overall, Retently offers great features to be used for measuring customer satisfaction and to improve it. It is a highly recommended tool for those, who want to improve the customer value in the business.

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