Experience Powerful, Data-Driven Retail Execution With Repsly

Repsly An Introduction

Repsly is a mobile Customer Relationship Management which is purposely designed for the field teams to enhance their productivity and to connect them with the office. It even empowers team leaders to control and manage the filed activities with the visibility the applications offer. That is because the solution even affords managers the ability to oversee everything from the back office app. They can delegate the tasks, arrange schedules for the day, and even modify the calendars on the fly.

Apart from that, this mobile solution even holds on-site workers and representatives accountable for their decisions, as they have access to their assigned responsibilities. In the top of that, managers can even ensure that files agents are working as expected due to the real-time visibility into the locations and collected data.

Let us look at some of the features of Repsly:

Stronger Pitch Stack

Even when a client has been with your company for a long time, they still require convincing to order from you. With the Repsly, you can empower your sales representatives to build the strong pitch stacks for their customers and even personalize their offerings with business intelligence and analytics capabilities. That is because the solution gives them access to customer history and account details in just a few taps. Because of these, they know precisely how to approach customers to persuade them to renew their contracts and to purchase some of the additional items from your organization.

Brand Visibility Measurement

Supermarkets, department stores, boutiques, stalls and some other places that hold your items need the regular inspections to ascertain the visibility of your brand in those places. In this regard, your field marketers can benefit from the Repsly, as the application assists them in ascertaining of your products just among some others. With the information they can gather, they can even create some of the more strategies that ensure the success of their campaigns. On top of that,  they can use this data in negotiating better in store placements to increase the visibility of your products.

Zero Administration & Paperwork

Strategies rely on accurate data gathered from the field. For the representatives in charge of this, it is essential that they pack as much as relevant information that they can into their reports. Moreover, this can be time consuming and arduous. That is why Repsly has a simple user interface for storing and inputting all kinds of information like the notes, retail audits, forms, and notes. This approach even abstracts, and as these can be tagged according to the location, it is also much easier for teams to gain a complete overview of a store status.


To Sum Up

Repsly is for Growing Field Teams! Its Mobile First/SaaS solution gives distributed teams everything they need to optimize operations; making data collection and reporting super efficient, and driving accountability throughout the organization.