Now Report Your Digital Marketing Activities Via Reportz

Digital marketers, you remember when you did not have to create reports and had time to do things like hang out with the loved ones and sleep without having any stress in mind?

Well, if you ever want to free yourself from the burden of compiling data and running reports and get back to your life, then you need to get Reportz before we run out of codes.

Reportz An Introduction

Reportz is a white label reporting marketing utility, created with the purpose of removing the stress and the time-consuming process, drastically speeding up the overall production of the client and management reports, and thus increasing the general quality of everything that plays a very significant role here.

Let us look at some of the features of Reportz:

Powerful KPI Dashboards that Allow Full Customization

A place where you can collect data from all your favorite sources like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Rank Ranger, Google Search Console, etc, and sort them any way you like. You can even group, separate, filter, compare and merge an unlimited number of your most important marketing metrics and present them any way you feel is best for your client.

This feature allows the user to easily track and organize big and complex projects, from just a single interface.

Flexible Date Range Control

As just like any other automated marketing reporting utility, Reportz make it possible for the user to sort and compare the data in their widgets and reports by days, weeks and months. Moreover, unlike any of its direct or indirect competitors, this fantastic white label solution has an option that allows users to filter their reports by custom data ranges.

Standard, Preset and Custom Marketing Reporting Templates

One other major thing that makes Reportz such a great tool is the fact that it really does cut corners at every point of turn.

With Reportz, you can also additionally customize those templates to ensure that they truly meet all your reporting needs. Cloning reports is also an option. Users have the chance to create their own custom KPI dashboard templates, save them and recycle them for other clients. As a user, you can also automate your reporting for clients, and keep your clients frequently in the loop, without even investing a single click in the process.

To Sum Up

Overall, it offers the great features to be used for reporting. It even allows for creation, customization, and automation of web metrics and digital marketing KPIs reports, which your clients can use for real-time progress tracking