Anna Arbor-Based Refraction Launches Lunch Delivery Robot

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Anna Arbor-based autonomous robotic startup Refraction has recently initiated food delivery through its robot named REV-1. By introducing this, the food delivery through robot is coming into existence. Currently, the delivery option is available only for lunch.

Refraction robots will now provide food delivery to the customers within a 2.5-mile zone and also place lunch orders from local restaurants for delivery. Some of the local restaurants are participating in this delivery like Miss Kim, Belly Deli, Tios Mexican Cafe, and Chow  Asian Street Food, and so on.

To sign up for Refraction’s robot program, customers have to fill out an online application form available at the Refraction website. Later, they would get instructions on how to place their orders by REV-1 autonomous robot. Once the order is placed, the customers will get verification with individual code and also delivery updates. When self-driving REV-1 arrives at the destination, the users have to meet the robot and collect their food by providing a unique system.

Anna Arbor-Based Refraction Launches Lunch Delivery Robot

Refraction was founded in July 2019 by a few professors of robotics at the University of Michigan. REV-1, the first product from the startup is a low cost, lightweight autonomous delivery robot. The robot can be operated in both bike lanes and on the roadway and provides more benefits of self-driving vehicles with more safety.

Co-founder of Refraction Matt Johnson-Roberson said that the team is excited to initiate this type of delivery service to the Anna Arbor community and two more cities worldwide. According to him, the robot would also work in rainy and snowy weather.

“We’re all very excited to give people a taste of what’s to come in the future of food delivery,” he adds.

REV-1 delivery robot is 5 feet tall with three wheels and 4.5 feet long and 30 inches wide. Approximately, the weight of the vehicle is 100 pounds and can go with a speed of 15 kmph. It can carry around three or four delivery bags at a time.

Eventually, food delivery from restaurants and grocery stores require several different vehicles and the REV-1 robot with its distinctive shape is ready to deliver delicious food to the people. 

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