Reading Queue: A Minimal, Different Kind Of Read-It-Later App

We all know that reading opens the door to a wide range of imagination, expanded vocabulary and the ability to succeed. It has been proven time and time again that those people who have a reading habit often show signs of a high level of advanced Intelligence. With a wide amount of genres, books. As it opens the mind to use new words and embark upon a whole new world of word usage. For this, it is where Reading Queue came into the picture.

What is Reading Queue?

Reading Queue helps you to declutter your online reading experience. You can easily save your browser tabs, favorites, links, and some of the pages which you have emailed yourself, that you plan to “read later” but usually misses or never do, into an app where you can read them efficiently and comfortably, and that even values your reading time.

Reading Queue Features

A Zero Anxiety Read-It-Later App

Traditional read it later services always might end up by turning into the daunting and long collections of page titles, where you can't tell anyone what is worth reading.

Reading queue removes the anxiety of the decision making by simply arranging the pages which you have saved in a queue. When you simply open the app, it will show you the first page immediately. From there, you can easily decide to reach or archive it before moving to the next page. Page in your queue is less likely to be left forgotten because you review them all, one by one simultaneously.

Move To The Next Page Easily. It’s Always Ready

When you are done reading a page, swipe left. It will be archived easily, and the next page will appear quickly and instantly. And because it was even being prepared in the background while you were reading, there will be no waiting time between the pages.

When you would rather read something else than the first page in your queue than you can merely snooze it and read the next one instead. But an article keeps postponing reading may not be that worth your time. Furthermore, a page can be snoozed up to three times only. Then you should decide to read it or archive it before reading something else.

The reading queue also encourages you to let go of the pages which you saved more than 30 days ago, but have not read it yet.


Use Your Reading Time Wisely

The estimated read time helps you to decide if that article is worth your time or not. Reading queue gives you the cumulative reading time of the all the pages in your queue as well. Which is a more meaningful metric that the number of pages.


There are many perks of reading habits. It keeps your mind active, healthy and strong. Reading is essential for your overall personal growth and development as well. Besides, you never feel lonely or bored if you develop good reading habits. The company has developed this app by keeping the mind from the end user perspective to encourage people for reading.