Rajan Singh’s to Enhance Science Education In Indian Small Towns

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If you search a science and maths coaching center in South India, the endless number of tuition centers will bewilder you. As the place is extraordinarily crazy about engineering and medical courses, the coaching centers teach Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology. Yes, the coaching center is a highly profitable business, and many people invest in it. 

Unfortunately, these institutes could not make a significant impact on the science education of students from small towns, despite the coaching from 8th grade to 12th grade. Rajan Singh is to change the equation of science education with his innovative edutech Startup named ConceptOwl.

Rajan’s Journey Toward Business

Rajan’s journey towards entrepreneurship is quite inspiring. The blood of an entrepreneur was flowing in each phase of his non- entrepreneurship career. B. Tech in Electrical engineering from the prestigious institute in India did not destine him to be an engineer.

Instead, he chose to join Indian Police Services and became Commissioner of Police. He worked for the service for seven years, and his urge to be a businessman led him to the business world. In 2015, he went to the University of Pennsylvania to pursue MBA.

Backed with B.Tech and MBA, he worked in different companies, but it could not quench his thirst for business. And there is only one solution, launch a startup. He found a unique concept lurking in the science subject's tuition business.

Rajan Singh’s to Enhance Science Education In Indian Small Towns

A Way To Teaching Science And Maths

In addition to the school education, Indian parents send their children to tuition at 8th standard itself. Yet, the case in tier 2 and 3rd cities, the outcome from the tuition centers is meager. Regardless of high fees, the output is not outstanding. According to Rajan, the reason behind the inefficiency is the lack of good teachers in science and maths. A solution to this was to bring a digital classroom chain.

The Mechanism of ConceptOwl

Rajan’s ConceptOwl travels parallel to the technology. He clearly understood the new generation students are no longer interested in the classroom lecturing. Rather, they are attracted to videos, and making engaging video lectures in an attractive way is the best way to catch the attention of students, he thought. And it worked.

In the beginning, he started affordable science coaching programs in Tier II and Tier III cities in India. The website and application help the students to a higher level as it is well efficient to perceive things and clear their doubts. 

By 2019, he started science and math independent coaching center with joining hands with education giant Bansal Classes. Sometimes, as the budget demanded, he also took Physics class. 

Fundraising And Growth

The growth of ConceptOwl is pretty fast. It started with just five members, but now it has crossed 25. The company is not behind in fundraising, as well. Many investors are keenly looking at the system of Owl as an effective alternative to the mainstream education system. Until this date, it has raised ?35M. 

As India is heading to the next level of education with innovative technology, ConceptOwl has an immense role in raising the Indian science education system where every science enthusiast includes. 

The Frugality Mindset of Rajan

Rajan strongly believes in frugality, and that is such a thing, without falling for glamorous things. In his own words, ”Frugality helps you stay focused on stuff that matters. Rest is all distraction.”


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