Qualcomm Announces the Partnership with the Mozilla for the Snapdragon

Apart from just bringing the Snapdragon 8cx as its new chip for the “always on, always connected” for the Windows 10 PC category Qualcomm has now revealed its partnership with the Mozilla to bring up with a native Firefox version for the Snapdragon supported Windows computers. The native ARM64 version of the firefox is also touted to use the performance of the Snapdragon platform to deliver the “most performant out of the box experience possible”.

While on the other hand, Microsoft is supporting the ARM architecture, it considers some of the various techniques to run the Windows 10 applications on the ARM supported devices. This also brings up with the performance issues especially in case of Web Browsers like the Firefox that consumes processing power and memory for each tab and puts up with a lot of pressure on the system, at the time of watching a video on a streaming site like the YouTube. Moreover, by bringing up with the native ARM64 support, the browser will now be able to use the available resources accordingly.

“Mozilla is excited to be collaborating with Qualcomm and optimising Firefox for the Snapdragon computer platform with a native ARM64 version of Firefox that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Snapdragon compute platform and gives users the most performant out of the box experience possible,” says Marissa Morris, Senior Director of Firefox, Mozilla, in a blog post.

Neither the Qualcomm and Mozilla has announced any of the particular schedule time for bringing up the ARM64 version for the Firefox browser. Moreover, Google is also working with the Microsoft to bring up with a Chrome version especially for the Windows 10 Machine which is based on ARM. It will going to be too much interesting that whether it will be the Chrome or Firefox that will be going to debut natively on the ARM-based Windows 10 Machines.

It is also being revealed, that Qualcomm at its annual summit un the Huawei revealed the Snapdragon 8cx as its latest SoC for the Windows PC’s.

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