Looking For A Payment Tool For Your Business, Try Quaderno

Are you looking for a tax, VAT or GST tool for your business which is based on your customer location, and accept payment from all across the globe, directly on your own website. If yes, then now no more worries about manually uploading countless rate tables or the double check-in foreign tax policies with Quaderno.

Quaderno An Introduction

Quaderno checkout takes taxes off your plate by simply automatically calculating tax on every sale and following up with the beautiful receipts or invoices, no matter where your customers are based out of. Transactions and invoices which is processed with the Quaderno always comply with the ever-changing local tax rules, that includes in Canada, US, New Zealand, European Union, Singapore, and Australia.

Let's have a look at some of the features of Quaderno:

Always the right amount

Automatically calculate the correct tax for each customer and their location. You don’t need to worry about manually uploading countless rate tables or double-checking foreign tax policies.

Speedier returns than ever

Get all the entire information which you need for the tax returns at the click of a button. Complete your filing in minutes. Who all knew that the tax season does not have to come with the headaches!

Stress-free tax compliance

Send all the automatic receipts after every payment. Issue the credit notes with each and every refund. Comply with the local rules everywhere, which even includes Australia, Canada, US, and even the entire European Union.


Selling to the fellow businesses? Simply track and verify your customers, tax numbers and send them the automatic tax exempt invoices. Business to Business made easy.

Designed to sell much more

Quaderno checkout will work on any f the device, in the different set of multiple languages. Expect the high conversation rates, with the friction-free and fast performance payments.

Easy to integrate

Set up takes not more than 2-3 minutes. Quaderno provides you with a single line of code, which you can copy and paste into your HTML code. It is just that simple!

Fully automate your accounting and see all revenue in one place

Send the custom tax receipts, credit notes for the refunds and stay tax compliant in the multiple countries without even thinking about it. You can also connect the other payment sources with the Quaderno and gain the latest insight into the real-time revenue with the easy to read charts.


To Sum Up

Overall, Quaderno offers the great features to be included in your business toolkit. It is highly recommended for those who have their product or service presence across the globe and receive payment via their own website.