Manage All Your Crypto-currencies At Just One Place With Quadency

There are thousands of tokens and coins, traded across the various exchanges, and new ones are popping up all the time. Holding or trading a diverse basket of assets requires the opening of the several exchange accounts, which makes the portfolio management and analysis ripe for the inefficiencies.

The hassles of manual portfolio tracking with the help of apps or spreadsheets and having to log into the exchanges create for a cumbersome experience resulting in inaction, and therefore financial loses.

The Quadency platform provides with the beautiful and holistic picture of your holdings across the exchanges, and it does so automatically with the latest advanced trading features built right in.

Quadency An Introduction

Quadency is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is focused on “making crypto trade human.” This new platform provides you the chance to trade many different tokens with just a single click and to make the transactions fast with other investors who want to trade.

Let us look at some of the features of Quadency:

Trading Platform

Professional grade trading platform with advanced charting and intuitive order management allows traders to manage their accounts from popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Portfolio Monitoring with Unified APIs

Automatic and real-time portfolio analytics dashboard for visualizing performance, asset allocations and trading statistics. Use cases include algorithmic trading bots requiring real-time order books, ticker and trade history. A single API integration allows you to send orders directly to the exchanges, eliminating the need for custom one-off integrations.

Market Data

Downloadable historical data for any custom needs – including OHLCV for over 3000 trading pairs, in formats ranging from CSV to SQL dump and more.

Institutional Platform with personalized dashboard

For hedge funds and portfolio managers, a private instance of Quadency’s institutional-grade trading platform can be customized and deployed in any infrastructure, giving complete control over data and API keys to the client. Real-time view of your content asset allocations, portfolio growth, and distribution of balances by account and exchange, in your native currency. No matter whether you have a one or ten account, Quadency helps you to manage them all with ease no matter where you trade.

Intuitive Order Management

Send orders directly to your connected exchange accounts with support for the advanced order types. Simply click to fill orders from the chart or the available balances and many more enhancements over the exchange UI’s.

Live Portfolio Views

Aggregated view of all your holdings, updates tick by tick with accurate, real-time prices streamed directly from the exchanges where your assets are held. Select any asset to navigate to the Trade screen where you can easily manage your orders, and view your transaction history as well.

Consolidated Orders and Transactions

Manage your open orders from any account and view your balances and transactions in just one place. Whether you trade manually or use any of the algorithmic bots, Quadency gives you the control which you need to act instantly.

To Sum Up

Quadency seems to be a good platform. It looks reliable, does not raise any type of red flag that would indicate a scam and seems to be easy to use. In all, this looks to be a platform that you can really use to manage your crypto assets in a simpler way and be able to obtain profits.