Make A Professional Real-Time Video Conferencing Via Proficonf

Proficonf An Introduction

Proficonf is a lightning fast and powerful video conferencing web app. It allows you to participate in one-click meetings with up to 100 participants, share your screen, apps, tabs, and documents.

Let us look at some of the features of Proficonf:

Best video conferencing experience

Proficonf provides the best video conferencing experience which you have ever had, unparalleled in quality and function. 1080p HD video from start to finish, even if you choose to record it and file it for further sharing. Cutting edge technology ensures that your video conferencing will go smoothly and obtains success. Moreover, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so simply try it right now to make sure!

Interact with the hundreds of people

Proficonf fosters truly heartbreaking conferences with more than 100 active speakers and up to 1000 simultaneous participants. The paramount Proficonf advantage lies in the adaptive video conferencing technology that we all are using. A solid stable conference is made much more possible without video quality distortion.

Communicate even with a poor connection

Proficonf is the ultimate video conferencing tool which gives you the possibility to stay in touch wherever you are. Sophisticated technology of the adaptive video conferencing which makes it possible to participate in the video conferencing even with really low bandwidth. Proficonf’s video conferencing was tested with the 100KB/s.

Share everything you want to share

Communication implies sharing. Proficonf allows you to utilize several ranges of file sharing capacities within the conference: sound, text, and images. Chances you are conveying your idea to the listener’s full scale are greater. Use the full potential of your media files, whether on your PC or in the cloud and share them now in a Proficonf conference. You can easily share a music track with your guests, an early screening of your video, some of the Youtube content and many more.

Share slide presentations

Everyone loves the representations. If you need to get your point across there hardly could be a better way than with the help of presentations with the nice pictures and diagrams. With the Proficonf you will be able to share your or anyone else presentation with the help of just two clicks. Even more, you could also scale any slide you want, which even makes annotations and many more.


To Sum Up

Overall, Proficonf offers the great features to be used as a video conferencing tool. Its web app offers everything needed to run effective webinars, online workshops and classes, with up to hundreds of participants. Nothing to download or install. Fully web-based.