Online Homeschool Startup Primer Lifts $3.7M Seed Funding From Founders Fund

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Primer, a US-based Homeschooling startup, has received $3.7 million seed funding led by Founders Fund. Besides, Naval Ravikant, Cyan Banister, and Village Global have also participated in the funding round. 

With this latest investment, Primer is aiming to provide an online homeschooling service to users, which is very helpful for their kids to educate just by sitting at home. 

Ryan Delk founded Primer. It is one of the best and unique startups that helps you to read and learn at your home. It offers several subjects such as Maths, Science, Reading, Arts, Engineering, and Languages.  

Ryan Delk said, we are building an extraordinary full-stack infrastructure, which will help all the parents to teach their children at home. The interactive way of a product will be very useful for parents or families to give their children a great experience in mainstream homeschool.  

Online Homeschool Startup Primer Lifts $3.7M Seed Funding From Founders Fund

Delk further added, since 2016, more than 2.4 million children are homeschooling in the USA. He didn't believe that there is a “lack of infrastructure” and no technology or application is available for parents who want to educate their kids at home. Delk says he was also homeschooled by his parents till the 8th grade.   

Primer has free homeschooling resources such as Library, a tool with apps and videos. A Navigator that will always give you the personalized report, comprehensive regulation, and benefits.  

Delk says that their team is planning to launch 5-7 classes and they will be covering topics on chess, baking, and rockets, and the instruction will be given by the experts. Primer is yet to finalize the price as they are planning to charge on a monthly basis by giving a subscription plan to users.  

Primer has some other waitlist features too. Next year, it is planning to launch some more products that can give everything to parents what they want to teach their children with great homeschooling experience.


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