DR. Regina Clewlow’s Populus To Transform The Future Of Mobility

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In the digital era, data holds incredible possibilities and scope, and further, is an unavoidable necessity. Data science is expanding to a multitude of businesses; in other words, it enhances the growth of businesses. What role data does have in the new mobility companies and overall transportation in the cities? Dr. Regina Clewlow’s Populus is a perfect answer to it. 

The Skyrocketing Mobility Sector

The arrival of online cab sharing services in the cities has transformed the mobility sector. Uber and Lynx, being at the forefront, drastically influenced the total system. Since 2016 the sector developed to new forms as micromobility, and many startups popped up in the field, providing unprecedentedly advanced bike-sharing systems.

The Electric scooter and bike-sharing companies like Bird and Lime established their presence in the sector in less than two years. The increasing number and popularity of shared electric vehicles should be managed and regulated practically.

DR. Regina Clewlow’s Populus To Transform The Future Of Mobility

A Transportation Scholar For Better Mobility In Cities

Dr.Regina Clewlow, the founder of Populus, has an impeccable scholarship in transportation. She entered the corporate sector with a PhD in transportation from MIT and years of experience as a research scientist at UC Davis and Stanford.

Regina founded Populus in 2017, and she clearly forecasts the future of mobility. She has delivered several talks and written for famous magazines on data and the future of mobility. The growth of the industry is exponential, and the demand for a tool for the management of mobility is largely increasing.  

Data Analysis and Micromobility: Who Benefits?

Populus’ advanced analytics software brings forth unprecedented services for both policymakers and private mobility operators. The software provides real-time insights on how many scooters, bikes, or vehicles are in operation, manage incidents. It helps in making data-driven policymaking and decision-making. 

It is a great source of data that sheds light on how far micro-mobility impacted the city traffic and lives. For policymakers, Populus will be an unforeseen practical way to bring instant decisions for safe, equitable, and efficient streets. At the same time, companies can estimate the usage of shared bikes and prepare a proper business strategy.

The Role Of Data Science In the Business Sector

When Populus was founded, it was not easy to understand the chemistry between data science and mobility. Now, the skyrocketing mobility sector proves the inevitability of data. This startup signals the relevance of data-based technologies and tools for businesses in the future.


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