15 Popcorn Time Alternatives For Movie Lovers

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Numerous studies show that two in five Americans feel stressful during office hours. Despite the fact, it’s important to keep the mind positive and lead a happy, worry-free life. 

One of the best ways is spending time in watching online movies. It acts as a stress-buster for cinema buffs and let them relax from busy work schedules, and other household chores. 

With so many options available in the digital world, it’s essential to pick the best one for you within the budget. Which is the best online entertainment platform? How to choose? Are they offering quality services? What is the cost of a premium plan? 

One such amazing software is the Popcorn Time. It is the most trending online movie platform in the US for streaming HD films and TV shows. Moreover, it has got a huge fan base for the tremendous visual clarity, and instant playback option with a hassle-free experience.

This open-source torrenting software integrates media player to offer free alternatives for subscription-based video streaming services. Although it’s not accessible in most of the countries (say the UK), you need a VPN to watch movies. 

In responsive to other entertainment applications, Popcorn has a cool, impressive interface to attract the maximum number of visitors. But, these days it has got a bad reputation due to the matter of fact that it uses illegal files for installing and streaming the video content. 

We all are aware that sharing copyright content is a crime and can be put under bars or may impose high-fines, depending on the court's judgment. This is what exactly happened to the  Popcorn Time. There are shreds of evidence where people have received thousands of dollars as fines for using the Popcorn app

As we see the increase in demand for watching movie online, more and more applications have laid in recent times. Having a pocket-full of high-quality streaming platforms is a must for any movie-lover that takes the cinematic experience to the next level.

What could be the alternative? If you are bothered using the infringed content, we are suggesting some of the popular Popcorn Time alternatives that enhance the mood. Have a look over, 

Since we are living in an era where we can access everything through a smartphone. It is good to have a VPN for safe browsing. No matter what, you can download the favorite application, and log in with personal details to enjoy the movie stuff. You just have to pay more to explore the premium services.


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