AI-Powered AR Based Platform Polarity Closes $8.1 Million

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Polarity, an AI-powered software platform secured $8.1 million in Series ‘AA’ round led by TechOperators. The funding round also witnessed participation from Shasta Ventures, Strategic Cyber Ventures, Gula Tech Adventurers, and Kaiser Permanente Ventures.

The startup closed its Series A funding at $3.5 million in early 2017. Polarity plans to use the funding to increase its workforce and bring more major corporations onboard their platform. 

Founded in 2014 by Edmund Dorsey, Joseph Rivela, and Paul Battista, the startup uses object character recognition technology to analyze the screens of employees to locate specific keywords and enables team-wide flagging of things.

In layman terms, the data and information in one’s computer are made available to the entire team. This technology plays a vital part in preventing threats from suspicious IP addresses as the entire organization is made aware of the potential threat in real-time.

Polarity addresses itself as an AR company, augmenting the process happening in an employee’s desktop in real-time. While there is nothing innovative in the concept, what sets Polarity apart from its competitors is the seamless commencement of operation without lagging the core mainstream processes of the desktop.

According to CEO Battista, Polarity’s software only takes up a meager 3-6% of the computer’s processing power, which may spike if a lot of new information is fed to the system at once. 

Battista wanted to make it clear that the intended use of the software was not to spy on the employees. The software won't run on the background, and the user will have the provision to launch the software as an when required.

“If [companies] wanted, they could collect all the data on everybody’s screens, but we don’t have any customers doing that,” quoted Battista.

Polarity’s flagship proprietary software is centered around analysts and security teams. Headquartered in Connecticut, the startup currently houses 20 employees and seven Fortune 100 clients.

Battista stated that the company plans to double the employee count within the next 18 months as they set out to increase their clientele.


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