Pokémon Go Dev Niantic Gets $245M In Funding Round

Niantic Inc, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of mobile augmented reality experiences and the creator of Pokémon Go, among others, is now securing $245 Million in the funding round of Series C.

The round was led by the IVP, with some of the additional strategic investment from the Battery Ventures, CRV, Samsung Ventures, aXiomatic Gaming, and Gaming.

The funding brings the company post-round valuation to nearly $4 Billion.

Niantic will be going to use the capital to invest in advanced Augmented Reality capabilities, machine learning, the Niantic Real World platform, and continuing to broaden its game offerings. The company will be accelerating staffing for the initiatives such as Niantic Real World platform, which even comes with the powers its current suite of games and was recently opened for the $1 Million Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest.

The platform will eventually also be going to be made widely available to developers across the globe. The company which is led by the John Hanke, CEO and Co-Founder, Niantic builds free, real-world fun, discovery, exploration, and social interactions experiences. Moreover, incubated within Google, the company spun out in the year 2015 with investments from Google.

The Pokemon company, and Nintendo and secured an additional $200 Million in financing in 2017 from Spark Capital, Founders Fund, Javelin Ventures Partners, Meritech, You & Mr. Jones and NetEase.

The company platform powers augmented reality games Pokémon GO and Ingress Prime, which are even available on the Google Play and App Store. Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is Niantic inc, third game and is also being co-published and co-developed with WB Games and will be published in 2019.

“Seeking out comes with the latest innovative new experiences and technologies centered across the new audience engagement has been a core investment focus for aXiomatic since day one,” explained aXiomatic co-founder and CEO Bruce Stein. “Niantic has even proved to have a singular touch when it comes to developing communities — both virtual and real-world, global and local — and keeping players engaged, entertained and interested. We’re looking forward to playing a part in powering that innovation for communities and years to come.”

“We also need continue to be focused on delivering on our entire mission of bringing among the people together with the help of experiences that marry advanced technology and the real world,” said John Hanke, Niantic co-founder, and CEO. “This funding round also helps to adds strategic and financial support as we focus on doubling down on that mission with our entire platform, and building upon the popularity we have also been established in coming the recent years as we grow our portfolio and offerings.”