Podcastone Launches Free Hosting Platform Launchpad Digital Media

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The podcasting platform Podcastone officially announced the launch of Launchpad Digital Media, a free hosting platform for podcasters. The new platform will offer the podcasters with unlimited hosting and data analytics, including listenership geography and device data.

Furthermore, the podcasters can monetize their channel with complete control over how the podcasts are distributed over Apple, Spotify, and other services. 

The celebrity podcast network already hosts a long list of renowned personal such as athletes, politicians, and reality television stars, including Dan Patrick, Dr. Drew, Jim Harbaugh, and so on.

Through this new hosting service, the startup is on the look-out for new potential talents. Podcastone is planning to partner with the leading podcasters and offer them free services, including production, talent booking, promotion, and a dedicated sales team.

Podcastone Launches Hosting

Peter Morris, Chief Executive of Podcastone, stated that the platform was centered our independent podcasters with the focus to solve their problems.

The leading ad-supported podcast network embraces over 700,000 podcasts and supports the long-term growth of independent podcasters.

Morris who formerly worked at Funny or Die, Barstool Sports, and Imax joined the management team of Podcastone in the recent February, led by Founder and Executive Chairman Norm Pattiz and President Kit Gray.

Although the podcasters have control over the monetization of their channels, the company can still insert adds into the podcasts. In line with the revenue models followed by Youtube and Google Adsense, the podcaster can choose where the ads need to be placed. The company has stated that the ads won't be longer than 2 minutes.

Podcastone has witnessed 25%-30% growth annually over the last five years. The company currently hosts more than 300 podcasts.

With its new free hosting platform, these numbers are expected to increase exponentially. Launchpad Digital Media will attract more independent podcasters to use the company’s free services. 


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