PM Modi Invites Tech-Driven Ideas For Fight Against COVID-19

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a social media campaign on Twitter to urge the public to come forward for sharing technology-driven innovative ideas on the government’s portal, to stop the spread of Covid-19. Besides, the best and effective idea will be adopted and implemented along with the reward. 

The Prime Minister said, the government wants to share the solutions to help stop the spread of coronavirus by inviting the Indian community in the battle against the COVID-19. Submitted innovative and effective solutions will be judged and adopted. Besides, the selected idea will be rewarded. The government wants every individual to be a part of the mission against coronavirus!

In 2014, website was launched by the Indian government for the citizen as an engagement platform along with promoting the active participation of Indians in the governance and development of India. It aims to crowdsource governance ideas from citizens.

PM Modi Invites Tech-Driven Ideas For Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 Solution Challenge page of reads, the vital factor for the prevention of the coronavirus spread locally is to inform the citizens with the reliable information of the cause and precaution. It is to be taken according to the counseling being issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Further, they are also receiving responses from individuals as well as firms who have innovative solutions and had developed certain technologies, datasets, Bioinformatics, apps for diagnosis, etc. which can be an advantage for strengthening the battle against COVID-19.

Narendra Modi twitted that the Indian government is taking care of all necessary steps so to ensure that Indians are prepared well for facing the threats and challenges that arise by the growing pandemic of the coronavirus. With the immense support and initiation of the Indian public, the government has been capable of standing against the spread of the COVID-19 in India.

The PM also said that the vast participation of the public had made a tremendous effect on the success of the campaign of standing against the COVID-19. 


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