Just Right Dosage Strategy of 'Plus' In Cannabis Business

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Establishing a new cannabis business is not easy in the US as the Federal law is quite stringent out there. Even though some states have shown a green signal to CBD, the matter of opening a business remains the same. However, there are plenty of illegal brands in the marketplace, and in such a scenario, seeking legal permission and clearing the misconception about CBD in society deserves loud applause. Despite such hurdles, a California-based CBD brand Plus Products is determined to disrupt the cannabis sector. 

The Founding and Strength of Plus

Founders of Plus Products, Jake Heimark and Justin "Crunchy" Gwin, come from two different backgrounds. If Jake worked with Gumroad and Facebook at the management field and dreamed of helping people to have balanced lives, Justin is a chef who participated in ‘Crunchy Show,’ and he himself added Crunchy in his name. 

However, CBD united them to bring food focussed CBD products. Even though both founders started building the company a few years ago, they got a license and began selling CBD edibles in California at the beginning of 2018. In 2019, it became the #1 recreational CBD edible brand in California. It has a dedicated 12,000 square feet food-safe manufacturing facility in Adelanto, California, and it is expanded in some other states as well. 

Just Right Dosage Strategy of 'Plus' In Cannabis Business

Food Is the Focus

Unlike any other CBD brands, Plus prioritizes the food side rather than CBD extraction. Almost 90% of the employees are working in the edible making process, and the team is full of chemists and food scientists. The primary process of manufacturing is making the best edible product. Later, they plan how cannabis can get into it. The founders do not want to bring only healthy CBD gummies, but also the food that tastes good.

Getting the ‘Just Right Dosage’ 

According to Jake, most of the CBD companies fail in choosing the right dosage of CBD, and that seizes customers loving the brand. The major challenge Plus faced was finding the right dosage. As they found it out, it worked more than they expected it would.

The company says that the success factor of the firm is bringing the right dosage. Interestingly, a very low dosage is used in Plus products, and they are 5mg 2.5mg 10mg per unit

Why Limited Number of Product Varieties?

Plus has just 3 gummies; nothing else. The company does not believe in showcasing an n-number of products and confusing customers. However, it produces three products in bulk. Plus want to spread across the US and expand to other countries as well. 

Jake says bringing a lot of varieties would lead to the compromising of product taste and quality. As it is expanding, uniqueness would be lost due to the huge line of products. By the limited number of unique products, the company can maintain customer loyalty.

Currently, Plus has three CBD infused gummies: Balance, Uplift, Sleep. These three come in unique flavors such as blueberry, grapefruit, and blackberry tea. 

Plus has achieved a high percentage year over year growth in 2019. Besides, it has collaborated with famous mattress company Casper Sleep to bring sleep products. It is also on a mission to educate law regulators regarding cannabis and bring a transformation in the sector.


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