Plex Introduces New Desktop App To Simplify User Navigation

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The renowned digital media player and software suite Plex has introduced a new desktop app for Mac and Windows to further simplify the interface for desktops. The new app will offer a much simpler way to download videos and access them online.

Plex has renamed this feature as Downloads that was previously termed as Sync. The app’s ultimate goal is to replace the existing Plex Media Player enabling the transition of all users to the new and upgraded desktop app.

The decision to devise and introduce the desktop application has been well thought out by the company after the thorough analysis of its users' experience with the media player.

In one blog post, the company stated that it marked the end of an era and it was bittersweet. The startup also stated that it would remove its Windows store application and terminate its service home theater support.

Plex has been undergoing a transition over the last few years marked by both the introduction and closure of services.

The startup has extended its services from home media organizer to DIY streaming solution that allows its users to stream podcasts, web series, news, and record live tv from a digital antenna. The introduction of the new desktop app also hints the change in the direction of the company.

“We implore you to check out how far our apps and the various excellent streaming devices have come — it’s truly night-and-day since you unboxed your first potato-powered Roku or Apple TV,” the company stated in its blog post. The new application will still offer the same server and library management options, along with support for offline access.

Plex also revealed that the offline feature for its mobile apps would be launched in the near future. While the users can use the desktop app for free, they will have to subscribe to Plex Pass to access the download feature.

Plex would continue to offer support to its software till January 2020 to give some breathing space to its user to make the transition to the desktop app.


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