Now Store, And Pay With Your Digital Money Globally Via PlasmaPay

PlasmaPay An Introduction

PlasmaPay is a multi-cryptocurrency digital wallet. It allows user to store, manage and monitor their digital assets with the help of the available web version of the wallet.

Let us look at some of the features of PlasmaPay:

The Platform

The new system from the PlasmaPay is multilingual and can even support a total of twenty different languages. This means that the platform which the users will not experience any problem when trying to access customer support.

Apart from the customer support, the multilingual nature of the interface means that the users can configure the ecosystem to function in a language that they are well versed with. Once configured, they should be able to start accessing it in a matter of minutes.

Users will also be able to access all the popular options in their own language. A user can today be in a position to create an account, and start making the cryptocurrency transfer on the ecosystem. Once a user creates their account, they will get immediate access to their crypto wallets.

If any user needs to upload more funds, then they can replenish their wallets from their fiat cards. The wallet service has been possible with a partnership with the Simplex. Its payment system has already been integrated into the new system.

The Crypto Wallet

Once a user has accessed their crypto wallet, then they will be able to initiate the transactions with all kinds of cryptocurrencies that are: BTC, TC, DASH, and ETH. The list of all the supported and available cryptocurrencies is updated with each passing day.

The PlasmaPay system is also expected to start supporting the transactions which involve the fiat currencies in the near future. According to the report which is coming from the company, they have received the licenses that will enable them to transact will all types of currencies that are exchanging fiat currency for the virtual currency and vice versa as well.

News And Analytics

PlasmaPay collects all information about the cryptocurrency market, and its financial analysists are prepared to advise on the market situation as well as new technological upgrades of popular blockchains.

Networking and contracts

To help those who work in network marketing, with large communities, or with multi-level referral systems, PlasmaPay has integrated a “Networking” tab. There, you can easily collect all of your contacts by connecting to Gmail or adding them manually, and automate payments for them. This makes payments easier and faster than ever before. In fact, soon all internal transfers will be instant and free of cost!

To Sum Up

Overall, PlasmaPay offers the great features to be used as a crypto wallet tool. It is also offering free Plasma coins to all users who sign up through their Telegram bot.