Phillips 66 Pair With Honda Developer Studio On In Car Payments

Philips 66 has now revealed the partnership with the Honda Developer Studio on an in-vehicle fuel payment integration service that enables the Honda Vehicle owners to reserve a pump and pay for the fuel at the Philips 66, 76 and Conoco locations.

“We understand that our consumers want to fuel up, pay and quickly be on their way,” revealed the Manager of Payments and Card Services, John Barbour, in a press release. “Now the consumers can use the Phillips 66 apps in the Honda cars to pay for gas at the pump in a fast, friendly and seamless way.”

The feature which will now be accessible through the car in-dash infotainment system that will also enable the drivers to find the nearest Philips 66, 76 or Conoco station and pay for their gas purchase from their driver seat.

“We also know that Honda drivers have a value convenience, security, and safety,” said John Moon, Managing Director Strategic Partnerships, Honda Innovations. “We are also much more excited about this solution as it will provide a fueling experience that meets these expectations head-on.”

In 2018, Honda unveiled that it was partnering with the Alibaba Group Holdings AutoNavi business to create the new services for the connected cars, that includes the ability to make the reservations, as well as to conduct the payments with the Alipay. It would also allow the drivers to pay for the gas and parking with the Alipay. Apart from that Honda is also working on the Self driving car technology.

For its entire part, Philips 66 was able to integrate the Mastercard Masterpass into its Philips 66 App last year, by giving its customers the ability to securely and easily pay at the pump just within its app. Through the partnership, the Masterpass is also accepted at more than 6500 Philips 66, 76 and even the Conoco locations in the United States of America.

“With the help of Masterpass integrated into our Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 apps, the consumers will now be going to enjoy a secure and simple fueling experience,” said Rod Palmer, general manager, Marketing Services for Phillips 66, at the time. “Masterpass will give our consumers choicer when buying gasoline and goods at Phillips 76, 66 and Conoco branded sites.”