PetDesk Raises $12M To Fill Gap Between Veterinary And Grooming Software

PetDesk, a San Diego based pet care communication company has now secured $12 Million in the funding round. The investment was led by the Silicon Valley-based firm PeakSpan Capital Firm.

The company as of now has a plans to use the funds to expands from the veterinary industry into the pet grooming industry in the Northern part of America.

The company which is led by the Taylor Cavanah, CEO. PetDesk offers an online pet health management platform for veterinary practices and a free app for the pet parents to communicate information about the reminders, appointments, health records, confirmations, and some other health concerns.

More than 1500 veterinary practices as of now use the company dashboard and mobile application to manage reminders and conformations, targeted messages, online reviews, loyalty programs, and online scheduling as well.

“It is much more evident that the 800,000 pet parents currently with is also working and using the PetDesk app have become more engaged with their pets’ health and are more compliant about their special care and needs – and that means much healthier animals,” said Taylor Cavanah, CEO of PetDesk. “But with some of the regular grooming, it is nowadays also a critical part of maintaining optimal health. This funding will now also be going to allow us to expand our software application to professional groomers across the nation, which in turn also provides with an easy-to-use tool to ensure that regular grooming is also getting the much more weaved into a pet parent’s calendar. And, pet parents will now also be able to use the PetDesk app to book various types of appointments both with veterinary practices and grooming shops.”

“A common bond which is also shared across the pet care industry is our newest and latest passion for pets. As pet owners ourselves, we are also much more proud to partner with PetDesk and its zealous culture around different breed of animals,” said Brian Mulvey, the CEO at PeakDesk. “The team at PetDesk has built a unique combination of top-notch software and with also much more shareable best practices to enhance engagement between pet owners and a growing ecosystem of providers responsible for care.”

About PeakSpan

PeakSpan Capital firm is a growth equity firm which is based out of the Silicon Valley and New York City with a much more focused on the mission to be a partner o choice for the growth stage entrepreneurial teams who are also building amazing software targeted at the business buyers of all sizes, from small businesses to large business.