Britain's Most Sr. Pediatrician Says Children Are At Higher Risk From MEASLES than COVID

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Britain-based most experienced and senior pediatrician claims that children are at higher risk of contracting measles than coronavirus. 

Child Health and Royal College of Paediatrics president and Professor Russell Viner have advised parents to send their children back to school, claiming that he is very much anxious about the risk to children with measles than COVID-19. 

Later, Boris Johnson would convey his Cabinet that the school reopening should act as a new dawn for preserving new normalities for the entire country.  

This week, millions of children have returned to classrooms, with a majority of children heading back for the first time in around 6 months.  

To a leading publishing firm, Professor Viner stated that if the concern is all about the children’s care and if you think that the risk of them getting infected with COVID-19 is very small, then you want to see schools reopen. 

The previous week’s random scientific paper has suggested that told us that very, very few numbers of children have seen becoming seriously ill with COVID-19. 

Britain's Most Sr. Pediatrician Says Children Are At Higher Risk From MEASLES than COVID

Professor Viner urged parents to ensure that their children are taken all the required essential vaccination, which include MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)- some of the youngsters have missed the vaccine- as the pandemic surged, doctors have kept there clinics closed or parents were scared of taking their wards to see medics due to virus.  

One-year-old Alba Moss was not vaccinated and caught infected with measles become critically ill. In April, little Alba had become unwell with a high temperature and was admitted to the hospital. She was so young to have her first jab. After admission, doctors diagnosed her with measles, which made her so severely her eyes fused shut. Alba spent 8 days at London-based Chelsea and Westminster hospital; she has since recovered. 

Almost 40% of schools in England are predicted to open on 1st September, with the rest of schools following later in the same week. On 20th March, the schools were forced closed due to COVID-19, with only vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers enabled to continue classes. 

To a leading publishing firm, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jenny Harries said that every time any parent takes their children to school- pre-COVID-19, the wards might have been involved in a road traffic accident – there are various types of things.  

This risk or any seasonal flu risk, we think, is likely bigger than the current threat of coronavirus. 

Union leader Geoff Barton said that school reopening would be the most crucial step in the national recovery process.  

Association of School and College Leaders’ general secretary of the praised staff for their ‘meticulous planning’ stated that they had done a tremendous job in setting correctly a complex set of safety measures to curb the risks linked with coronavirus. 

School’s primary focus would be to take the task of identifying where pupils have fallen apart with their learning during the pandemic lockdown and customizing support to bring those children back to speed as swiftly as possible.

During a meeting with Prime Ministers, a Government source requested him to set out his ‘priorities for the autumn’ as the first lessons before the new school year take place. The source said that he gradually wants to get back to more normality, and reopening to schools plays a vital role in that.  

If the children go back to school, more parents will be released to return to work. Meanwhile, Mr. Johsson wishes to get further down the track to recovery on COVID – getting improve the test-and-trace regime and getting the local lockdown process to strengthen so that they never have to have a return to national lockdown.


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