Kick Starter and Peak Designs Tie Up For a New Advanced Tripod

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Kick-starter, partnered with Peak Design officially launches a Travel Tripod, where campaign drops on`18th July 2019 with starting prices $289 for aluminum alloy and $479 for carbon tripods. 

7 of 10 youngsters love traveling and be part in adventure activities like trekking, caving, paragliding, and skiing. Are you the one who capture inspiring moments? Peak Design has come up with an update now. 

Peak Design, well-known for everyday and travel bags store, launches the newest innovation - Camera Tripod suitable for photographers, and travelers. The key aspect of using a Tripod is to take photographs in dim light, visual quality, and adjusting the frames.

In contrast with traditional models, travel tripod occupies little space and makes it easy to carry along. It is engineered to take a perfect shot from the 360degrees point of view. Moreover, it offers top-notch performance and is delightful to use for both personal and professional usage. 

peak design tripod for travellers

Despite benefits, it has outstanding features like ball head, soft case, column knob, standard plate, and cam levers, which makes it sturdy and flexible to work on different geographical locations. Clubbing all together, it occupies half the volume of regular tripods and thereby eliminates the need for bulky, protruding knobs.  

“Connect with the Peak Design Travel Tripod to explore the World of Photography!”

Spectacular Features 

Height60 Inches
Supported Weight20lbs
MaterialsAluminum Alloy ($289)

Carbon Fiber ($479)
Package Dimensions7.9*39.4Cm

The latest improvement in this model is the ball head, which twists as much as required. Further, the locking ring section gives stability to the mobiles and camera by eliminating the clutter. Although, it’s size is very small, does a great job in handling the high-end mobiles, and DSLR cameras with 70-200 lens (or weight up to 20lbs).  

The core team claims they spent 4years on research work to minimize the dead space and packed-down size. And finally, they have come with the newest architecture, so you don’t have to flip device up/down as the strong leg cam levers can be operated simultaneously while packing.

We have been familiar with the commercial-brands that do not focus on bringing environmental-friendly materials. But, this is fully carbon neutral, which guarantees lifetime usage. To add on, Peak Design contributes 1% of the tripod sales in protecting the ecosystem. 

Summing up, the tripod has got an impressive design, light-weight nature to attract the customers. The versatile functionality made even easy to use for amateur and hobby photographers. 

Want to capture the lively moments spend with friends and family members? Are you a traveler or a pro-photographer? How much do you rate? Is it worth investing on a Peak Design Tripod? What are your thoughts? Write to us in the comments section given below. We will have a great time together.


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