Looking For a Best Survey Solution, Try PaperSurvey

The cost of paper, printing, and postage are all on the rise. Some of the recent post offices closures and the rates hikes confirm that. Given these expense factors, many of the businesses are considering the shifting some, if not all of their survey to online. The cost savings alone by switching to online surveys are one of the significant motivators to make the change. For some of the organization, the decision is a difficult one. Some of the target populations may not be able to receive to strict to only online surveys, which makes the transition a difficult decision. The debate between which is much more effective: online surveys or paper-based surveys.

PaperSurvey An Introduction

PaperSurvey.io is a survey platform which is much more focused on creating surveys for the paper-based data collection with the automated form processing. You can even create a survey, print it, fill it and upload it for the image processing where we can automatically extract and recognize checkboxes and open the response fields.

Let us have a look at some of the characteristics of PaperSurvey:

Optical mark and Handwriting recognition (OMR)

PaperSurvey.io recognizes the checkboxes and radio boxes automatically from the scanned surveys. It can also automatically recognize the handwritten text on the open resource questions with the help of an Artificial Intelligence.

Unique identifiers for multi-page surveys

Each paper includes a unique identifier. This also reduces the error, eliminates the duplicates and simplifies from the scanning and processing.

Form creator

Simple and easy to use form creator which allows to set up your page survey in just a few minutes. You can even connect with some other applications to automate your workflow.


Uploads all your scanned papers form by simply dropping the scanned documents or simply sending them over an email in any of the order. PaperSurvey will take care of all the other things.

Verification and Simple Analytics

Verify the responses manually that the machine has failed to understand or the recognition did not pass the certain part of a threshold. You can view the basic analytics in charts, table, and word clouds. You can always export the data for the further part of an analysis.


Bottom Line

To sum up, surveys are a great option for the organizations and people who would like to conduct their research, they are less time consuming, they are much cheaper, you get the faster results, and you can even transfer and use the data in the various applications to answer the important questions.

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