PaperLike Launches Version 2 Screen Protector With KickStarter

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Paperlike, one of the best IPAD screen protector brands, hook up with KickStarter to announce the launch of a new campaign that runs for 30days. More likely, the crowdfunding program will be closed by September 19th, 2019. 

As per the reports, Paperlike have come with major improvements on screen protectors like high resistance, transparency, and less display noise. If the campaign ends, there will be a rise in prices of paperLike to 34€. However, you can apply the PaperLike Coupons to save money on current orders. Hurry up before it expires. 

So far, more than 400 million Ipads have been sold till date universally and might grow over time. Hence, it’s vital to protect screens from damaging - dropping out, exposed to extreme temperatures, etc. 

Opting for cheap-quality brands make you feel annoying as it does not last longer. It’s completely a waste of your time, investment, and efforts.

Besides, the main reason for people choosing Paperlike is it makes the writing simple, efficient and feels like a paper on the iPad Pro. 

Ideally speaking, when you use IPAD in the sun, you may experience pain in eyes due to the reflections and makes it hard to read the text on the screen. When your device is covered with Paperlike screen protector, it minimizes the glares, and you can do whatever you want.

Paperlike has evolved from the initial stages and constantly striving hard to comfort the audience with the top-notch services. Plus, it is an ideal tool for artists who craft eye-feasting designs on tabs because of high transparency glass that restore colors on the screen.   

As a beginner, you may face difficulty to get the same level of precision and control, just like the sheet of paper. Though it’s easy to install, people do not show interest to apply on screens due to the fear of damaging.

For them, Paperlike has come with an instruction guide that comprises a step-by-step procedure to guide from scratch. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business professional, it’s not easy to handle the tasks efficiently on Ipads. Having a PaperLike screen protector gives the speed and agility of working on a paper in a paperless environment.

Moreover, they are available in different sizes to support users around the new blue marble. It won’t leave any fingerprints and protects the screen from scratches.


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