Panda Video App: Speech Recognition Activates Fun Stickers

One of the main reasons Snapchat was such a big hit among the public is that of its fun stickers. Today there's a startup in the market that might steal the show. PANDA startup launched its new video messaging app but what sets it apart is its speech recognition technique that triggers fun augmented reality stickers. For example, you say its raining here, and raindrops fall on top of you. Or that you want to relax at the beach and you are surrounded by a beautiful beach. You get the idea. Based on the words you use, fun stickers appear everywhere on the screen. This sounds so much fun to me. This feature saves us the hassle to find a sticker or a filter as it runs parallel to our speech. Now, this feature is something Snapchat and Instagram would want to add to their bag.

Although it's fascinating to use, they say you can't have it all. Its true here due to its case of weak and unreliable quality. Designing and constructing a video messaging app can take a lot of place on the plate. Given the fact that its created by a group of five under the budget of $1 Million in funding is quite impressive. Not to forget the crazy competition it has to handle. But inevitably the inventors came up with a brilliant idea to improve the area of visual communication which so naturally blends with what we say.

Daniel Singer, the 18-year-old founder, gave rise to all of this. Before he came up with Panda, he worked on a few apps that didn't see the daylight. Then he went on to work at LA with Sensay startup that offers peer-to-peer therapy as a product manager. Singer got lucky during the time when Alaska airlines bought Virgin by getting a free flight to San Francisco to meet up with his friend, Arjun Sethi who is an investor at Social Capital. At first, Singer's vision was vague. He just thought to himself, when I talk the things I'm talking about should appear in front of me. Singer got lucky again with Arjun wanting to fund the idea to build a project on it.

As Facetime lacks behind creativity which Snapchat beautifully withholds, Singer envisioned to combine the live chat feature from Facetime with the fun spread of stickers and filters from Snapchat through speech recognition triggers. Brilliant.

Source: Techcrunch, Source of the image: Techcrunch

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