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Looking for a drag-and-drop website builder with fine-grained control, easy app integration, and impressive results? Then keep on reading our review of PageCloud to get the facts.

PageCloud An Introduction

PageCloud is an innovative, browser-based website builder that lets you design painlessly with a drag and drop editor. With the help of this visual approach to website building, you will get an instant previous of the arrangement of your elements. Because of this, you can even save time organizing the visual components of your website.

Apart from just its versatile and flexible editor, PageCloud has tools that can even increase your visibility in the web app. With these, you can configure your website SEO and add the solutions that can aid you in attracting leads and converting them. Other than that, you can track your website performance with the integrated analytics apps that can aid you in optimizing your website further.

Let us look at some of the features of PageCloud:

Intuitive Visual Editor

PageCloud is a great web design tool even for people with no technical background. The solution visual editor is intuitive and has a drag and drop function that enables you to simply move your website elements around with the help of a trackpad or mouse. Additionally, PageCloud has unlimited potential even for professional web designers. It has shortcuts that simplify and shorten the building process, and on the top of that, the solution lets you drive to the source code for the customization.

Web & Mobile Layout Design

People around the globe are increasingly using their mobile devices for web browsing and some other tasks. With the PageCloud, you can create your websites that render beautifully on the small screens and that provides the same ease of use and navigability as in wider screens. As such, you can entice website visitors to interact with your brand longer, which gives you a chance to convert them into paying customers.

App Connection

PageCloud has more than 100 apps and integrations that you can use to enhance the user experience your website offers. With the help of these tools, you can give your website visitors a platform for discussions, which let them revel in sounds and videos, and allow them to shop seamlessly. Apart from that, the solution gives you access to your favorite marketing and analytics app that can help you to expand your reach.


PageCloud is an app for one, but it can accommodate two more users. This affords you streamlined collaboration so that you and your colleagues can create a website which you are satisfied within record time.

Managed Hosting

With PageCloud, you only have to think about the design aspect of your website. That is because aside from being a visual editor, the solution is also a managed service. This means that you can leave the hosting and security to the team behind PageCloud.

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To Sum Up

Overall, PageCloud offers great features. PageCloud is the simplest way to create a website on your browser. It could be done by anyone with or without photoshop skills.


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