Orchestra | An Open-Source Robotic Process Automation System

Orchestra An Introduction

Orchestra is an open source workflow management system that uses the Robotics Process Automation to support teams and improve how people do analytical and creative work. By having the machines do repetitive parts of a project, developers can spend much more time working on some of the more engaging tasks.

Let us look at some of the features of Orchestra:


  • The entire process above is called a workflow, comprised of the five component steps.
  • Two of these steps require review, where some of the more experienced experts review the original work performed. Custom review policies for tasks can be easily created in Orchestra.
  • The photo resizing step is a machining step, completed by the automation rather than by experts.
  • Each of the steps emits a JSON blob with the structured data generated by either the machines or humans.

Project distribution

  • Projects are a series of interconnected tasks. A project is an instance of a workflow; a task is an instance of a step.
  • Tasks are carried out by an expert or by a machine.

Time tracking

  • Time tracking helps to let you know how long a project or task takes.
  • This feature provides a timer widget that workers can toggle on to track their time spent working on a task.
  • Once the worker stops the timer, a time entry is automatically created for the amount of time worked. The worker can even add a description to specify the tasks on which they are working on.
  • Orchestra timecard page reveals all the time entries for the current work week, according to the date. The worker can even edit and manually add the time entries.


  • SanityBot periodically monitors the state of projects and alerts the team members of something seems offs.
  • It runs the sanity checks every few minutes which is based on the various aspects of the project status to determine what is on track and what is at risk.
  • SanityBot can't solve the problems, but it makes it easier to identify them so that you can scale your attention across the projects.

To Sum Up

Overall, Orchestra is a great tool to be used for the analytical work in the organization among the team members.

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