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Traveling to favorite places, meeting new people, trying tasty dishes, and reading books make you feel stress-free in this competitive world. If you are a voracious reader, there are loads of online resources available in the market.   

One such amazing platform gives smart, fun, and empowering wisdom in this materialistic life. On top of that, you get access to philosopher notes along with masterclasses to build good habits and discover the purpose of life. 

Here is an update of the 2020 event which is held by 101 luminaires for people all over the world. It is mostly held in Los Angeles, so you can take a flight and head over to enjoy the wonderful lectures on different topics. Let us know more about 2020 event. 

Key Aspects Of Optimize Coach program

Optimize Luminaries:- It is one of the finest programs introduced by Brian Johnson, who spent no time making friends. The main idea is to create a strong network with a group of favorite people. 

101S with Luminaries:- Finding a better way to amplify knowledge, personal experience by creating a huge collection of practical wisdom. To bring it out for consumers, the brian and his team mingled with Cal Newport’s proof-of-concept class on Digital Minimalism 101.

Attend 2020 Event Channelized By 101 Luminaires

They maintain an elegant coherence style in delivering the keynote templates, workbooks, and posters. The module is breakdown into 10 big ideas which are named “Modern Hero.” The team of 101 will provide a lecture for 60minutes, and you can even have a question-and-answer session for 30minutes. To fit your requirement, they conduct 5 classes with 4 of 101s each per day. 

Optimize 2020:- This is a must-do list in 2020. They have more than 500 optimizers at the optimize coach graduation event, which will be held in December. Because of the seating arrangement, it is restricted to 500 members; otherwise, you can expect 1000+ people in a single offline event. 

5 Days of Training:- The event is held in Los Angeles from 6th June to 21st June 2020. Hurry up, folks! The seats are limited to 1001 tickets and may end up anytime. The best part of this session is 101 luminaries will visit Los Angeles to give a lecture for five days. Adding up, the tutorials videos will be live-streamed to the global audience without investing a single penny from their pocket. 

Grab Your Tickets - Premium Pricing Plans  

It’s pretty exciting to know that there is a huge gathering of 1001 candidates along with 101 world’s best luminaries. Well, you can be a part of the big-crew by choosing any of the membership plans. As of now, they are offering three premium plans - general admission, upgrade admission, jumbo upgraded programs to match the needs and deeds of global users. Let’s take a look, 

General Admission ($1000)

General Admission is just like an entry-level plan for beginners which costs $1000 per subscription. Check out the benefits you get when collaborated with the general admission program. 


  • Digitally packed with all 101s with luminaries. 
  • Lifetime optimize core wisdom membership. 
  • Get a ticket to join the team in LA for Optimize 2020. 
  • General admission seating for a maximum of 20sessions. 

Upgrade Admission ($2000) 

Next comes in the list is an upgrade admission program where you get access to partial curation of sessions and two lifetime optimize core wisdom memberships at just $2000. Have a look at its features, 


  • Partial curation of sessions.
  • 2-lifetime optimize core wisdom memberships.
  • Preferred seating, question and answer sessions.
  • Grab your ticket to join us in LA for Optimize 2020.
  • The digitally packaged product of all 101s with Luminaries.

Jumbo Upgraded ($3000) 

Compared to the above-mentioned programs, Jumbo Upgraded is packed with a bunch of features like lunch with luminaries, access to 20 sessions, and 3 lifetimes Optimize core wisdom memberships. All these advanced features are available at just $3000. 


  • Delicious lunch with famous personalities. 
  • Full curation of 20sessions and extra-preferred seating. 
  • A digitally packaged product of all 101s with luminaries
  • Being a part of the self-optimizing event 2020 with a ticket to Los Angeles. 
  • Total of 3-lifetime Optimize core wisdom memberships for fellow members.

Unfortunately, it may not be possible for everyone to gather for live sessions in Los Angeles. But what to do? How to be a part of 2020? They have come with a live streaming option absolutely free for fellow members.  

Here is a simple procedure. Just sign-up for the free Livestream event. If you desire to buy digitally packed optimize 2020 products, you can get an early discount of $500. Hope you make a wise decision. 

Facebook For Optimizing 

Social media has gained immense popularity in recent times for the wide-spread of services to reach potential audiences. You will be overwhelmed to know that Optimize has built a massive community on Facebook to make it accessible for everyone. Every single day, people are adding up to the group and showing interest by enrolling for Optimize 2020 event. 


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