Say Hello To Breeno, Oppo’s New Voice Assistant

Nowadays digital voice assistants are everywhere, right from watches to smartphones, TV’s, Tablets, smart speakers, voice assistants and anywhere. And while on the other hand, Google Assistant is present on all the Android smartphones, OEM’s are focusing on their proprietary assistants too. Samsung has Bixby, Vivo has Jovi, Apple has Siri, Xaiomi has XioAI. Now, at the annual developer conference, Oppo has announced its own intelligence voice assistant.

It is known by the name as Breeno, and the voice assistant integrates the perception, learning, and decision making. At the same point of time as well, the company has revealed smart service and voice skills platform. Users can enjoy personalized services with the natural multi-modal interaction, according to the reports which have been revealed. The philosophy behind the Breeno is to open, create, and simply share, and the company hopes that it could become a universal ecological IoT hub in the feature.

There are around seven modules: awareness, voice, space, screen recognition, driving, and advice. Suggestions are also one of the interactive modules. So, for much more instances if you are at the airport, it will show you all the flight information which will be available by using your location, details about the boarding gate, delays in flights, if any and much more. You will also get to see a card that has your onboarding pass, which includes the details about the flight number, boarding time, seat number, gate and much more info which will help you to do the stuff easily.

Oppo Vice President Wu Heng, who is also the head of the software engineering division, believes that for the future of the 5G era, it is much more important to have a much more deep integration of the AI cloud computing, AR and 5G among some of the other technologies. It will help you to produce new hardware and software services. Moreover, the company also expects Breeno to become a multi-brand and multi-terminal in the near future as well.

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