OpenNode  –  A Simple Way To Accept Bitcoin

OpenNode which was established in the year 2011 for providing the professional services related to cloud architecture, and implementation of solutions in the DevOps and infrastructure domains. After that, OpenNode has been involved in the cloud infrastructure projects which is ranging from the smaller deployments of government level solutions.

The Geography of the projects ranged from the Baltic and Scandinavia states to the countries of the Middle East. Some of the higher profiles from the public sector include the Estonian and Oman government clouds, which is a comphrensive e-government hosting solution for all the public sector entities.

OpenNode has a team of experienced training, DevOps specialists, cloud architects and as well as the full stack developers. The company has a strong professional approach and achieving the more significant target for the users.

OpenNode is for businesses of all sizes & shapes

All the company tools and features are built around the area which makes the bitcoin to be easy and empowering for both the customers and merchants. This means moving sway froms oem of the traditional models which creates a barrier to entry with high transaction fees or complicated technical integrations. It also have control over the business and bottom line with:

  • Lightning enabled and on-chain payment options
  • No chargebacks and zero fraud
  • Competitive pricing that allows businesses small or large to participate
  • In-house dashboard to analyze your finances from desktop or mobile
  • Configurable automatic and manual withdrawals
  • Customizable plugins and easy-to-use APIs for your eCommerce platform
  • Detailed developer documentation
  • Enterprise level custom integration

Take your business to the next level

The company has been inclusive for all the business size which includes the large or small. The pricing model is:

First $1500/month in revenue is free, anything after that is 1%. Simple pricing which allows everyone to participate.