Researchers Signed Open Letter Claiming Coronavirus Is Airborne

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A group of more than 200 scientists from over 30 countries has signed an open letter in an attempt to ask the World Health Organization (WHO) to revise its recommendations for the novel coronavirus due to recognized evidence supporting the claim the coronavirus is airborne.

According to The New York Times, the researchers are expected to publish an open letter by making the request in a scientific journal the next week. The letter will suggest the evidence that the novel coronavirus pandemic supports the evidence that smaller particles of the coronavirus can travel through the air and infect people. 

The WHO has held that novel coronavirus pandemic primary research and summed up the symptoms that the disease caused by the novel pandemic is transmitted majorly by large respiratory droplets that discharge from the mouth and falls on the floor or near surrounding when sneezed or cough.

WHO has also mentioned that the virus primarily spread through person-to-person contact and even the indirect contact with surfaces in the immediate environment of a positive coronavirus infected individual. 

Researchers Signed Open Letter Claiming Coronavirus Is Airborne

A piece of scientific evidence of the scientific community shows that the coronavirus is borne through the air as well as it can infect individuals upon being inhaled, the publishing firm reported, stating that when sneezed, the small particles of the virus can travel quickly in the surrounding. Some scientists have also suggested that the sneezed exhaled droplets of the infected coronavirus patients viruses can travel more gradually to the length of a room. 

The airborne transmission of the virus would reportedly become a major factor for response efforts. Regardless of maintaining social distancing, masks should be possibly worn even in all indoor settings. Doctors and health care workers would also possibly require N95 masks that have the ability to filter out tiny coronavirus particles. 

The WHO’s infection control technical lead Benedetta Allegranzi mentioned to the publishing firm that there is still a lack of solid evidence on airborne transmission. 

Most importantly, in the past couple of months, the team has been stating a number of times that have to consider the airborne transmission of coronavirus is possible. However, this theory is still not surely supported by solid or even has a piece of clear evidence. There is a strong debate going on this, Benedetta Allegranz continued.

To the leading publishing firm, the agency did not immediately comment over this. 

The letter is expected to come as parts of the world, which includes the US, as the US has been experiencing a surge in the positive coronavirus cases and hospitalizations stemming from the disease. 

Recently, WHO has reported over 200,000 cases of the positive coronavirus, marking it a new high in coronavirus infection in one day.

According to a Johns Hopkins University database, as of Sunday, the health officials had reported over 11 million positive coronavirus cases and roughly 530,000 deaths stemming from worldwide.


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