Get An Integrated HR Management For Your Organization Via Oorwin

Oorwin An Introduction

Oorwin is an integrated HR management, CRM, talent management suite enabled and powered with the AI technology, incorporating core capabilities from the multiple systems to help the businesses and organizations speed up and streamline their HR processes. Oorwin is available in two editions which includes the OowinHR and OorwinHIRE.

It is designed for the staffing agencies, recruiters, and professional headhunters, automating their recruitment process so that they can quickly attract and hire highly qualified individuals. With its latest AI enabled candidate search and candidate ranking, users get an automated and intelligent resume harvesting functionality. It also has features like the forecasting and smart reporting, employee benefits management, dedicated API integrations.

Let us look at some of the features of Oorwin:

Centralized Database for Resumes

Oorwin enables you to build a resume database that you can easily access and manage. In just a single click, you can also gather resumes from a wide range of sources which includes the emails, online applications, external system, and others, which even eliminates the need to upload or download resume and profiles individually.

The software is loaded with the enterprise-grade parsing capabilities to search, lift and scan resumes from Google Chrome, Outlook, Gmail Inbox, etc. Oorwin can also be configured to automatically generate profiles of candidates and perform candidate rediscovery using the version control, which dramatically accelerates the sourcing process.

Find The Perfect Candidates Using AI

Oorwin utilizes intelligent candidate ranking algorithms, automated resume harvesting, and advanced natural search to quickly determine which candidate in your database are qualified for openings in your company or vacancies supplied by our clients. By using Artificial Intelligence, Oorwin delivers lists of candidates that contain the best individuals who match the job description, educational background, requirements, and fields of expertise using its AI enabled candidate ranking and search.

Be in Total Control Over Your HRM Processes

Oorwin gives you an HR platform that covers all the bases from end to end, from hiring to retirement or offboarding. From a single interface, you are able to manage your employees, keep them engaged, connect your employees and stakeholders effectively, and also keep an eye on the employee attendance and performance with the intelligent forecasting and reporting.

To Sum Up

Overall, Oorwin provides the great features. Oorwin integrates people intelligence and digital power in traditional recruiting and HR processes, to run agile and data-driven operations. Teams can save countless productive hours and spend more time in strategic initiatives to add definite value with respect to their organization’s HCM investments.