OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro High-Standard Smartphones Come with Some Alluring Features

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OnePlus has launched two new series 8 and 8 Pro smartphones. It is offering high- quality features such as smooth screen, camera upgrades, etc. 

OnePlus 8 comes with fewer features, and Pro comes with several features such as IP68 water resistance rating and wireless charging, which costs you only $700. Both phones are quite good and one of the best smartphones of the company. It comes with a fantastic screen, excellent software, and highly advanced triple-camera.      

The 8 Pro screen is a little expensive but it is one of the sharpest screens and comes with different colors such as inky and dark black. It also has HDR10+ certification that gives you a cinema-level vividness. 

OnePlus 8 has a 120-Hz screen rate, the screen is quite refreshing, and shows 120 frames in every second. Those frames will be very useful for people who are so much into video games or social media. The screen is so smooth that you will be pleased with every swipe. The OnePlus 8 and 7T have this kind of feature.  

OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro High-Standard Smartphones Come with Some Alluring Features

The OnePlus 8 has a good battery life and is very speedy in charging. 8 takes 23 minutes to charge from 0-50% if you are using the company's adapter. If you purchase a new wireless charge, which costs $70, the charger will take only 30 minutes to reach 0-50%. Moreover, Pro is capable of supporting Qi wireless charging. 

One of the major differences between 8 and 8 Pro are cameras. Both the phones have 48-megapixel cameras but the only difference in the 8 Pro is that it has a large image sensor, which helps you to click bright photos even if there is less light. 8 Pro has a telephoto camera which comes with 3X zoom, and the main camera will be connected to a small camera, which is used for close shots.    

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro is arriving on April-29-2020, and both the phones will be available on the OnPlus site and as well as on Amazon. These phones are one of the best phones of OnePlus till now and come with good pricing.


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