NHS Study Shows One-Third Patients To Die With COVID-19 Had Diabetes

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The UK-based National Health Service (NHS) new research suggested that almost one-third of patients who had died with COVID-19 infection in English hospitals were having a history of diabetes. The studies also show that coronavirus infected diabetes patients were also overweight and had no routine of exercise. 

The health service data released on the 3rd week of May based on English hospitals has shown about 26% of the coronavirus positive victims were having diabetes, which is higher than the previously predicted figure.  

According to the study held by the Imperial College London and NHS also suggested that the coronavirus victims with Type 1 diabetes –who are not obese or overweight – were having a severity of three and a half times more chances to die.

The latest reports have shown that around 7,466 COVID-19 positive patients who died in English hospitals had Type 2 diabetes whereas the positive coronavirus patients who died with Type 1 diabetes were 365.   

NHS Study Shows One-Third Patients To Die With COVID-19 Had Diabetes

These figures are almost 32% of the 24,739 coronavirus victims deaths recorded in hospitals of England till 17th May. On the other hand, as per the released figures on 14th May has shown that out of 22,332 coronavirus positive patients, 5,873 patients were having diabetes, had died.

The study has also shown evidence that diabetic patients who are now tested positive or if they get coronavirus infection in the future, will be at a comparatively much higher risk of the fatal COVID-19 complication. 

NHS lead author Professor Jonathan Valabhji called the recent study as a piece of ‘worrying news’ and said that the finding shows that the risk is higher for people with diabetes who get infected with the coronavirus. Most importantly, it shows that both Types 1 and 2 diabetes patients who have higher levels of blood glucose and overweight have a higher risk of getting infected. 

The UK-based leading charity for diabetic patients, Diabetes UK, is asking the UK government to make sure that diabetes patients are kept safe at work and also offer other support systems such as emotional support and supermarket delivery slots.

Diabetes UK director Bridget Turner said, they know that diabetic patient is eager to know what precaution to take to keep them safe. We essentially suggest diabetes patient to maintain their condition by keeping their blood sugar level under control as much as possible. Besides, diabetes patients must follow the common guidelines of social distancing to reduce the chances of getting infected.


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