One Farm Organic Farm Is Unique Solution for All CBD Products

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Cannabidiol has now been a proven cure for a slew of symptoms. It has a vast amount of health benefits without any side-effects. Despite this, its use is disputed. Most of the companies don’t produce 100% natural CBD products and they lead consumers astray with their fake promises. In fact, a lot of companies have been shut down by the FDA due to wrong information about CBD content in their products. Considering this facet of the Cannabidiol industry, One Farm, boasting of all-natural products of CBD, emerged in 2017. 

One Farm, founded in January 2017 as Waayb, is pursuing the aim to produce excellent CBD products carrying quality hemp extraction. Considering the fact that how difficult it is for a common buyer to get quality products with minimum pesticides, solvents, etc, One Farm took up the challenge to deliver quality CBD products, which are grown in the perfect climate and made with the best hemp, with no mix of toxic solvents, and carrying high-quality ingredients. 

In no time, the startup got certification from USDA Organic hemp and is cultivated 100% by the US in Colorado. They grow their hemp products in the USDA certified organic farm. The 120 acres of land is located in Boulder Country, Colorado and the area is named as the Napa Valley of Hemp, which is the most fertile land for farming and growing hemp. 

One Farm Organic Farm Is Unique Solution for All CBD Products

Why CO2 Extraction Is Needed?

The major reason to use CO2 is to generate clean, pure, quality oil that is free from residual solvents. CO2 eliminates harmful chemical residues with poisonous solvents that need a lot of hours to get rid of the solvent catch in the oil. If you want to clean with propane, butane extraction there is remaining part left in the product.

One Farm organic farm produces mint, lemon, flavorless, cinnamon CBD oil, transdermal CBD cream, and CBD caplets with a  product line for cats and dogs. Many companies use brutal chemicals in distillation and extraction processes but in One Farm organic farm, they are committed to providing the safest, purest, and cleanest products. They really take care of every aspect of production from seed to soil and shelf to shelf.

CEO of One Farm organics, Scott Cusack says that he struggled a lot while working in financial firms and got a lot of stress in those jobs. However, he didn’t find a happier and healthier life. Therefore, Scott left the job and chose to establish One Farm.  Because of impurity  CBD oil products in the market, he decides to produce high quality, clean, pure, natural CBD oil, capsules, and creams. Scott promised to provide the best One Farm organic products that offer absolute transparency. Moreover, you can get some exciting offers through Waayb Organics Coupon Codes and One Farm Coupons


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