Obese People Seems To Be At Higher Risk Of Dying With COVID-19

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According to the study held in the UK-based National Health Service showed that obese are at double risk of dying with coronavirus than other people. The research team found that COVID-19 is more subjected to have or at the higher risk factor of infecting overweight person who has heart diseases or diabetes.

Another report shows that obese people are at nearly 33% higher risk of dying than others. The study was concluded from 17000 hospital patients in the UK. A more recent study conducted in New York shows that nearly 2 coronavirus infected patients in every 5 patients require a breathing tube and those 2 are overweight, which also proves that obese are at a greater risk of dying with COVID-19

France-based, one intensive care unit, has reported that around 90% of diseased obese patients who got admitted needed mechanical ventilation for smooth respiration. In contrast, patients with lower body weight occupied less than 45% of mechanical ventilators.

Obese People Seems To Be At Higher Risk Of Dying With COVID-19

The researchers found that there are various reasons why overweight coronavirus infected patients need intensive care which might require invasive ventilation. The obese person has higher levels of fats in the belly and chest, which gives pressure on the lungs, and under normal circumstances, the pressure makes it hard for an obese person to fill their lungs to breathing capacity. This reduced capacity might additionally cause a respiratory problem in coronavirus infected patients. 

Besides, extra weight in the human body also requires higher oxygen demand. Even some overweight coronavirus patients might breathe too slowly or shallowly to give enough oxygen to the body, and some may irregularly halt breathing altogether.

These breathing issues already put a lot of pressure on the lungs and heart, which might lead to worsening the coronavirus symptoms. Although, this entirely not seem to explain the unexpectedly high rates of obesity in extremely sick COVID-19 infected patients. Besides, this suggests that there might be several other factors at the disease that are unique to this virus.

In a recent review paper, the research team has gone through the patient’s files who are overweight and found that they are at higher risk of life-threatening or severe infection of coronavirus. Based on the research study, the team concluded that fat tissue is a major source of unrestrained inflammation, which can cause organs damage, including the lungs, subjected to coronavirus.


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