Nylas Grabs $16M Series B to Strengthen Email API Tool

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Nylas, a start-up company that integrates the designer’s email material into an application through an API. The Start-up has announced Series B which will be handled by Spark Capital. There are other new and existing financing companies like ScaleUp Long, Industry Ventures, Slack Fund,  8VC, Great Oaks Capital, John Chamber’s and Rubicon Capital who will be the part of the new venture.

With Nylas API, you will be able to incorporate all your email, calendar, and contact list at one place. The Nylas API is compatible with all the tools and also helps to support Office 365, Outlook.com, Exchange, and IMAP email. With the launch of Series B, it will be easier for an organization and business to interact seamlessly without any technical interruption. 

Company CEO Gleb Polyakov, in his recent interview, said, “The funding can help to make the organization, business, and professional work much easier than before. There is no tracking of mail, calendar or contact information means it just keeps on adding up to your list and when you are in an organization, if you do not have a communicative tool, doing business can be tough.” 

He added further saying, ‘With Nylas, you will be able to share your email data into CRM that can be accessible by higher authority. Also, calendar and contacts integration will make it easier to know about the business meeting.”

Let us dive into what new features will be added up with the API.

  • Nylas API will make it easier to access any shared calendar where you can book and cancel a meeting or any other event any time
  • You will get notified for your appointment and get a push-up button which will help you and your client never miss any meeting
  • You can assign the task to your employee or clients and give a deadline with the integration
  • Nylas API will help you with Analytics information to get productive results.

The startup company is operating in San Francisco and New York with 35 employees and has been in the business for more than five years. With the funding, it is expected that the employee number will be tripled and client interaction, which is in thousands is expected to be doubled.  

There will be nothing wrong in declaring that Nylas can give a competition to the clone API integration, which is Stripe and Twilio. You will enjoy the built adapters for native protocols for Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, open source, IMAP servers, and other different kinds of extension which is available on IMAP device.  These adapters help to interact with providers like Google, GoDaddy, and Yahoo.

Nylas business co-founder and CTO Christine Spang have stated that Nylas will be an effective way for your business to connect to the email system, calendar, and address book.  He said that all information could be added easily from any application which will make the organization or business to interact without any technical or system error.


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