All-In-One Tool Notion for Making Office Projects Done Quicker

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While doing projects for office, every time you need to write and check the document for various edits, share the document using another tool then saving the document on the desktop. What if all these project management features you get in one tool? Ivan Zhao, the founder of Notion, also thought the same and created the all-in-one app to write, plan with your team, collaborate with companies, and get organized. 

Founded in 2016, Notion is a very productive and convenient app that is exclusively made for the company‚Äôs work processes to make work done faster and in a simpler way. This app It is the combination of everyday apps that are needed to make a project done. It provides you an all-in-one workspace for managing the task, taking notes, and management of projects together. 

This all-in-one tool makes the process of creating the document, storing, and sharing the screen quicker and convenient with the help of a clean Kanban board interface. Besides those extemporary features, Notion is build in a way to access almost all web browsers.

All-In-One Tool Notion for Making Office Projects Done Quicker

Its note-taking feature is designed in a way that it accepts all the document formats and you can add list, simple plain texts, lengthier videos, audio files, some programing code file, and more than 30 media types. 

These files are essential for any project, and it helps to make a database or web page to sail. With the formatting of these rich files, your team will also be able to add comments and some other craft details as well.  

Notion also a Wikipedia tool, which allows you to assign tasks, create folders and sub-folders as per requirements and pinout each task on Kanban board for reference and update of projects to your team. Notion also has a task notification feature, which gives you and your team the convenience of staying informed about every tiny detail about your existing project update or any new project.

To simplify your work by cutting setup time for every project, this all-in-one tool gives you the freedom to create templates from spreadsheets to databases. Your designed templates are saved, and you can use it again with another project to replicate pages in the database to get started.  

With multiple views, you can view all the task lists and documents at the same time on a single screen without opening multiple tabs simultaneously. It's simple to operate, you can drag and drops the Kanban board interface. This tool also integrates with innumerable emails, websites tools like the Google Calendar app, Google Drive, and Typeform.

Besides, its interface fades away as you start typing, making it a distraction-free tool. While working on projects we mostly forget a few teeny-tiny details which are essential, so through the Slack integration, you can recollect all the details and also you can push the details to your teammates. Notion is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS. The monthly package for the service starts from $4.


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