‘nflow Boosts Productivity By Integrating All Work Apps

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At work, whenever you have to discuss something, you need to use various tools or messaging apps for a conversation like Gmail, Skype, Hangouts, etc. What if these apps come together in one application? Yes, Chris Hicken, the founder of nuffsaid thought of creating a quick action all-in-one-place application called ‘nflow, which not only boosts productivity but also helps you stay organized.

Chris Hicken is a leader, investor, advisor, and board in B2B software technology. He is one of the experts with great experience, as he was a COO and President of UserTesting for 8 years. Eventually, he came up with an idea to create an all-in-one place app.

How Does ‘nflow Work?

‘nuffsaid is an application that brings  SMS, chat, Salesforce, LinkedIn, email and more into a single customizable way, with its app named ‘nflow. It is for business work processes to make your work done faster in a simpler way and makes employees focus more on the important tasks at work. However, it has already drawn the attention of several giants by providing all-in-one-place service. 

 ‘nflow Boosts Productivity By Integrating All Work Apps


As per an estimate, workers spend more than 4.1 hours per day on email. Whereas if you are a Slack user, you get 70 messages per day. So, ‘nflow helps you to save 2 hours per day.

‘nflow is following the algorithmic pattern of prioritizing Slack messages, texts, emails, and Zoom messages. This app helps you to do smart work, the artificial intelligence assistant automatically finds out your important email, messages, meetings, and tasks, and helps get rid of irrelevant activities like data entry and then it checks all the data in traditional apps after finishing the work at hand. As per the ’nuffsaid team, ‘nflow will come out commercially at $25 for one month, but if users are signing up for its early access, and those users who are on the waitlist will get lifetime access of $10 for one month. The main features of the ‘nflow are as follows:

Streamlined calendaring

You don't need to remember the task list, email, and calendar. By using nflow, you can select all the important messages and drop every task into your calendar, and then go back to your inbox without worrying.

Integrated Tasks

You can easily convert messages and meetings into tasks, and help in assigning different tasks, and get auto-alerts when tasks are overdue. 

Cross-Channel Search

A searching option where you can find all the messages, attachments, tasks and appointments. ‘nflow is accessible to all the iOS users. 

Intel Sneak Peek

‘nuffsaid team thinks that they should bring a whole new category of products in the future with add AI into their existing workflows. ‘nflow is their stepping stone in moving toward their vision.

All and all, the startup is planning to launch a separate AI-driven which is customer access, where Intel understands what you are and who you are at work, and helps you to integrate with your main work app in all-in-one place.


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