Want One In Mail Box For All Your E-Mails Try Newton Mail

Despite the frankly ludicrous number of apps in the iOS app store, it is being much more difficult to find a truly great email app lately. If outlook is not to your liking, it quickly gets tough. The official Gmail app is a joke as compared to the Android option, Mailbox is dead, and options like the Google Inbox and Airmail are nice, but a bit complicated, this is where Newton Mailbox came into the picture.

Newton Mail An Introduction

Newton is a subscription-based application that supercharges your email with some of the power features like Sent Later, Read Receipt’s, Connected App, Undo Send, Snooze and more across Android Phone, Wear and Tablet. It works with Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Google Apps, Office 365, Yahoo Mail and all the IMAP accounts.

Let us look at some of the features of Newton Mail:

Read Receipts

Read Receipts comes baked in with the Newtons, with all your sent emails tracked without you having to do anything. Apart from giving you instant gratification, as it makes your follow-ups effective and timely.


Recap automatically brings back conversations/communications that are waiting for your reply or that needs following up. It also covers other emails with due dates, reminders, etc., so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Tidy Inbox

Tidy Inbox helps you to stay clear of unwanted emails by automatically removing newsletters and other distractions from the inbox. Focus on emails that matter and make your inbox distraction free.

Connected Apps

Most of us are assigned tasks via emails. But simply some of us like to manage them outside the inbox. Newton lets you manage to Evernote, Overnote, Todoist, Asana or Trello in just a single click. Or just simply ‘Share’ them to your favorite app.


Is your Inbox Zero user? Snooze lets you to temporarily remove an email from the Inbox, go around and simply come back at a much more convenient time or the next time you are on your desktop, just ‘Snooze to Desktop’.

Send Later

Schedule your emails to land in the recipient inbox at just the right time. Whether it is a client in Australia or a business partner in Europe, your emails will always be on top. And so will you.



To Sum Up

Overall, Newton Mail provides the cool features to be used as a one-stop destination for all the emails.

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